NEW BOOK Reveals How IRA Millionaires Can Escape a Lifetime of Unnecessary Income Tax
These 7 Questions will help you determine if you're leaving a fortune at the doorstep of the IRS
"This was a very easy read. Craig made a very complicated subject enjoyable to read and learn about." - JH 
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Convert faster than you think and at a higher tax bracket than you've been told.

Continue your lifelong practice of saving taxes...

Learn about the Rothology™ approach.

"Avoid an additional 10-20X  in taxes...
on top of what you already saved through lifetime 401k contributions... 

when you use the OPTIMAL Roth conversion strategy."

Our clients are not necessarily wealthy, but for the most part they are what I call ‘IRA Millionaires’. They’ve saved well and kept their lifestyle within their means. They will receive Social Security retirement benefits, perhaps a monthly pension from work, and a few will even have investment income to help with living expenses. After retirement they will discover that very little of their IRA savings will be used for lifestyle over the remainder of their lives.

When it comes to the subject of Roth conversion strategies, most DIYers and professional advisors only commit a casual interest in the subject. But when you study it and spend time with the concepts, it reveals amazing benefits - if you develop a solid conversion strategy. 

The thousands of ‘at bats’ that my team and myself have had through consulting with others have given us a unique set of experiences. You’ll see in the pages of the book that those have forged truths that are not of the common financial institutions script.

“On average, the result of developing their ‘best strategy’ has produced an estimated tax avoidance of over $2 million for each of those families.”

My desire behind writing this book is to help you break down the false beliefs and opinions you may have regarding this topic. 

The fears around paying taxes today are likely costing you well over one million dollars of unnecessary taxes to be paid over the remainder of your life, especially if you are an IRA Millionaire.
The Problem: Ignorance and faulty opinions
The financial media is full of so much misinformation, faulty opinions, and old paradigms. You can read ten headlines about the future, or about most any financial topic and get ten different opinions about the ‘best’ course of action. 

So much financial advice is offered in a self-serving way to further the desire of the financial firm to win your business and earn commissions and ongoing fees.

The optimal Roth conversion plan is not a matter of opinion - it's based on math. The key is to ask the right questions and avoid the most common mistakes.  
You should never convert to a Roth if: 
  • You'll move into a higher tax bracket - FALSE!
  • You'll be in a lower tax bracket later - FALSE!
  • You'll move into a higher Medicare premium threshold - FALSE!
  • You're already in a high tax bracket - FALSE!
  • You're receiving required minimum distributions - FALSE!
How do I know this will work for me?
In the pages of the book I will reveal the five most costly mistakes that most people make when doing Roth conversions, especially the IRA Millionaires. 

And because the conversion discussion has so many variables that really deserve very personal investigation, I’m also going to provide you with seven critical questions. 

The answer to these questions will help you determine if you’re a good candidate for conversions. If you are a good candidate, it means that you’re likely leaving a fortune sitting at the doorstep of the U.S. Treasury. 

"I wish I would have read this book many years ago!"

See What Others Are Saying About The Brand New Book

Masterful insight on Traditional to Roth IRA conversion

"Craig Wear does a Yeoman’s job of clearly comparing the different tax ramifications of Traditional vs. Roth IRA retirement plans. One would be wise to implement his strategies if long term retirement nest egg growth, Medicare premium reduction is one’s goal. Craig will show you how to accomplish this."


Roth Conversions are too well a kept secret!!!

"What a GREAT book!!! Every CPA and CFA should read and learn this and start giving these to all their clients. I wish I would have known all this and done a Roth Conversion when I was 50 or 60.  Anyone who wants to use their hard earned and saved money for themselves and their heirs, rather than have it eaten away by taxes, should read this book and do a Roth conversion. BUT, do it with someone reputable (like the author Craig Wear) who knows what he is talking about and has the sophisticated analysis tools, instead of just someone who claims to be knowledgeable. This is a MUST read!!!"


Very eye-opening information

"Love the book and the information Craig shares about saving taxes by converting the traditional IRA to a Roth. All of the pros and cons are clearly explained. Certainly worth a read if you want to save paying thousands to the government."


Here's Who This Book is For

The critical factors are age, amount of tax-deferred assets, and your income.

Perfect Candidates:
Between ages of 59.5 and 74
Around $1,000,000 in pre-tax savings
Good Candidates:
Under age 59.5 with high savings outside of your IRAs
At least $750,000 in pre-tax savings
Legacy Candidates:
Age 75 or older
Focus is on NOT leaving a tax-bomb for your heirs

If You Want to Avoid Unnecessary Taxes And Want To Find the Optimal Roth Conversion Strategy...

This Book Is For You!

In this book, I’m providing in-depth discussion of the information that is not widely discussed or known about so that it can be sought after. Putting your future in these terms allows you to accurately assess if you have a future tax problem and create a framework from which to work to find quantifiable solutions. The solutions will prompt you to dismiss limiting opinions or paradigms.
If you are an IRA Millionaire, the odds that you are a good candidate for converting your IRAs to Roth IRAs is enormous. But you should be able to measure the costs and benefits and not rely on opinions or beliefs of me, an existing advisor you may have, or of some national financial guru.

Likewise, if you are not a good candidate for accelerated Roth conversions you should be able to measure the projected benefits, and rest easy in your reasons why 'not'. 

Here's What You'll Learn In The Book

A Sneak Peek of What's Inside:

A Few Of The 'Pro-Tips' Included

  • Pro-Tip #1: Why your 401k was not a mistake, but needs to change to avoid unnecessary tax.
  • Pro-Tip #2: What changed that makes Roth conversions a huge win.
  • Pro-Tip #3: Five mistakes that most people make when doing conversions.
  •      Pro-Tip #4: How to get immediate access to your converted funds  without penalty.
  •      Pro-Tip #5: Seven questions to help you determine if you're leaving a ton of money on the doorstep of the IRS.
  •      Pro-Tip #6: Guidelines for transitioning your investment portfolio during conversions. 

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  • Reason 1: We don't do 'recurring' programs.
  • Reason 2: We don't sell financial products or investment services.
  • Reason 3: We really want you to just read the book, implement the information delivered, and save a ton of income taxes...!

Many See Amazing Results...

Now The Million Dollar Question Is...

Are You Next?

  • What if you could continue your history of saving unnecessary taxes? The book will show you how to do that.
  • What if you can actually lower your future Medicare premiums and taxation of your Social Security benefits by accelerated Roth conversions? 
  • What if you can leave your heirs a tax-free legacy?  

Here's My Crazy Guarantee:

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There's no catch... no gimmicks... You will NOT be signing up for any "trial" to some monthly program or anything like that.

In fact, if you don't get massive value within the book — just tell me so, and I'll even refund the $3.95.

So, CLICK THE BUTTON BELOW to get your copy now! You won't regret it.

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